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 Outdoor Sculptures Available.
Flight of the Moon
The Beginning of Wind
12ft by 5ft by 5ft
12ft by 6ft by 4ft
18 ft by 3ft by 6ft
Purchased by the City of Wilsonville, OR
Fabricated steel and laminated art glass
Powder-coated steel and laminated glass
Powder-coated steel, copper, laminated cast glass
New Age
Zoomazium Door Handles
Come Follow Me
10ft by 5ft by 5ft
3 sets, bronze door handles
10ft by 3ft by 3ft
Steel and laminated glass
Commissioned by the Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, Washington.
By Laurel Marie Hagner & Jesse Swickard
Steel, copper, stainless steel,
cast and laminated dicroic glass
 This item can be ordered for your home

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